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One working mom's journey through the creative process while balancing all the other loves of her life
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March 9, 2019


The internet is flooded with articles, discussions, suggestions and groups all promoting balance.

Balance for working juggle their career and home life.

Balance for secure great relationships with their kids while fostering their time with...

February 13, 2019

It has been five and a half years since I fell in love for the second time in my life.  Five and a half years of experiencing the world through the eyes and the heart of a little boy who is truly one of a kind.  

It was a love I dreamed about and that staggere...

January 22, 2019

Last night, I was glad to make it to bed.  It had been a day of single-digit temperatures, packing boxes, moving bookshelves, and a hundred other things that demanded my attention.  From work to my five year old, I was finally done adulting for the day.  I could turn m...

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