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Tired of wondering if your marketing is taking you up or down?


Ever wish your fans would sit down with you and tell you what they think?


Feeling lost and overwhelmed?


Wish you felt more confident in your site so you could concentrate on your writing?


Give my ‘Author Audit’ a try!


I don’t grade on a 1-10 scale & I don’t use a computer program – just manual effort, straight up.  I’ll evaluate what I find online, how hard it was to find, how universal your web presence is and my overall impressions of what’s online at:

  • Facebook         

  • Twitter            

  • Google +           

  • LinkedIn

  • Goodreads

  • Amazon

  • Shelfari

  • Pinterest

I’ll see if I can find a website of yours or a blog, and I’ll check it out for:

  • Book information

  • Social media links

  • Book teasers, trailers, contests

  • Working content on all pages

  • Spelling/grammatical errors 

  • Bad links 

  • Missing or outdated info

Plus, my audits can also provide feedback on:

  • Your unified profile names (your 'brand')

  • Relevant cover pictures

  • Suggestions on variety of content (photos, videos, posts)

  • Possible customized tabs and/or widgets

  • Overall feel of what you’re presenting

I’ll see what I can suggest to help you tighten things up, I’ll let you know what I love and if we can’t work it out, I will try to find someone who can give you the expertise you need to get things back on track.  





I’ll let you know what I find on the social media page of your choice and suggest improvements.



  • $10 LEVEL - THE BIG FIVE FB, TW, G+, PN and LI

I’ll see what I can find about you on the five main social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and LinkedIn) and help you work to provide buyers a unified presence.  This includes looking at

unified cover art, hashtagged posts and working backlinks.


I’ll dig into your website and let you know how this new fan feels - from broken links to the 'wow' factor.  I will go over the aesthetics, ease of viewing, load time and layout.  How easy was it to navigate and find the info I needed?  Did you come across personable?  I'll sniff out typos and awesome things, too!




Combining these 6 areas, I will give you feedback on unified cover art, links, what images would work best, and how easy/hard things are to read, see, find, etc.  Does your website easily show me how to get to your social media? Is the social media updated to draw me to discover more at your website?




As I 'stalk' across the internet, I’ll see if I can find PR releases, interviews, podcasts, your site, your presence, blogs...anything and everything that I can.  Do I find everything I expect to find from today's author?  Have you taken advantage of online press in your website content?  Does your flow of content make sense?  Plus, I’ll give you that ‘new fan’ reaction to things, tell you what else might be tried and what I love!


Hi Carrie,

 You offered some really great ideas to improve all of my online sites which are Facebook, Pinterest, G+, and TW.  I loved the detailed suggestions and helpful hints.  I was impressed with how much work you did and how through your suggestions were.  I feel your service is very worthwhile and would be very helpful to beginners and more experienced users alike.

Thanks again for the great service,

Ann MockAuthor of "The Union of the North and the South"

Thank you for all your research, advice, and above all, your kindness and patience with me. I read with care all of your ideas and suggestions to improve my social networking. What really stood out was your statement, “What you want to look at is the fact that YOU are the brand here, not your books.”  I guess until a person is known, they can’t possibly be perceived as an author. Though I am most certainly a novice, I’m sure there are some experienced authors who would find your services beneficial as well. Lastly, I want to thank you for your willingness to “pay it forward”, so to speak. The dribble you charge for your time and efforts is obviously not the reason you ‘do what you do’.

Sandi K. WhippleAuthor of "Twisted Engagement"

The professional services of Carrie Aulenbacher were outstanding. She made my story 'A Second Chance' come to life. She created a webpage for me that made my other books stand out and drew attention to those books in a way that was very well executed and gave me more author views. I would definitely have Carrie do more websites for me in the future.  Thank you so much Carrie!!!!

                                    Jacqueline Varlotta, Author of "A Second Chance"

Carrie gave me some very useful feedback on my author website. Thanks, Carrie! A second set of eyes certainly helps. I wasn't aware that blocking issues were preventing important links from working; and suggestions to adjust the aesthetics, particularly with text visibility and backgrounds were well received. Having had your input makes me more confident that the site will have a much broader appeal.

                                    Christopher J. Harvie, Author of "Killing Is A Sin"

Social Media Integration for Literary Entrepreneurs

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