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Thanks to Bryan Hutchinson over at for awarding me a frist place in his 'You Deserve To Be Inspired' blog contest.  You can read the original over in the blog section.  I hope it helps others know that every day that you are still here, you are inspiring someone...including me!

Recently, I had the great opportunity of sharing some Valentine tips with viewers of WICU here in Erie with the help of Sarah Stemen.  It was also a fun chance to reveal to family and friends that my new novella, 'The Place Between Places' is now on sale over at Amazon!  Check out the video and be sure to click over to my blog post of more tips that didn't make the air.


Special thanks to, Erie News Now, and Sarah Stemen at the TImes News for providing the footage and the opportunity!

Erie Times News

With Sarah Stemen, December 15, 2014


Sarah did a thorough and fantastic job in writing her piece and I was thrilled to meet her via Twitter to talk about all sorts of interesting topics!  


"I read “5 Questions with Carrie Aulenbacher” in this past Monday’s edition of the Erie Times-News.  I have to say I am very impressed with the way you balance your everyday life with everything going on.  You should be very proud of what you have accomplished and what you have to look forward to in 2015."

                                                                                                              ~Victor Kuehn

Wise Woman Radio

Susun Weed and I discuss being an author.

The Author's Show

My chat with the great Don McCauley!


The Michael Dresser Show

I talk #EBC and writing with Michael Dresser.

Page Publishing Book Club

My talk with Alice Rossini on NYC radio!

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Note From A Senator

Even Senator Wiley got in on the excitement when 'The Early Bird Cafe' came out and sent me a laminated copy of my article to congratulate me on the press.  It was totally out of the blue and so appreciated!


Lake Shore Visitor Article by Carrie McClellan
Humble Beginnings

I didn't plan this, but an essay submitted to an early religious teacher of mine found its way into our diocesan newspaper back in 1995, 'The Lake Shore Visitor'.  This clipping, then, is my first officially published work - but the teacher didn't tell me until after it came out!  Needless to say, my brother didn't mind being a character in the piece (thank goodness). 


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