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August 31, 2020

They say that one should try to enjoy a 'sweet spot' every day.  Well, when possible, I try to get a walk in the back yard while the summer days are still abundant.  After 16 years here, I had begun to think I had seen most every kind of bug there is in our area.  Unti...

April 22, 2020

As the storms of life loom over the country, a super-cell blows in to hang over our family.  It feels as if these clouds have been here for a year, but it has barely been that long.  

Yet, four precious lives are gone.

We are left standing in the cold wind, dri...

March 8, 2020

Since my hiatus last summer, everything in life has changed -- not just the year on the calendar.  My work scheduled is different, my baby is now walking, new friends have come into my network, and the whole family has been slowing getting the hang of our new 'normal'...

July 8, 2019

We experienced a tragedy recently that has left the family constellation missing one shining star: my husband’s brother, Bill.

Like only a very special person can do, Bill could light up a room with his smile and make you feel glad just to have him around.  Being skille...

March 9, 2019


The internet is flooded with articles, discussions, suggestions and groups all promoting balance.

Balance for working juggle their career and home life.

Balance for secure great relationships with their kids while fostering their time with...

February 13, 2019

It has been five and a half years since I fell in love for the second time in my life.  Five and a half years of experiencing the world through the eyes and the heart of a little boy who is truly one of a kind.  

It was a love I dreamed about and that staggere...

January 29, 2019

A recent thread from @mheavyhead in Canada inspired me to discuss being aware, as creatives, of how ideas can flow into our lives and how we can better connect with that energy.

January 22, 2019

Last night, I was glad to make it to bed.  It had been a day of single-digit temperatures, packing boxes, moving bookshelves, and a hundred other things that demanded my attention.  From work to my five year old, I was finally done adulting for the day.  I could turn m...

December 21, 2018

As this year comes to a close, I have been taking the month to reflect on how life has changed and what I want out of new goals in 2019.  With a lot of consideration, journaling, talk and thought...I'm ready to journey into a whole new direction!

Been A Long Time Coming


October 29, 2018

That morning, a storm came in off of the lake.  What was unique was the way the cloud bank stayed offshore.  The morning sun was to my left, and the storm was to my right.  From my perspective in that moment, I felt safe and rather sunny myself.  The sun was at my back...

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