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I can't stand the website i have now...


Being a creative can be the most exciting outlet in your day - until you want to market yourself or your product/organization.  It's a daunting world online!  But do you stop everything to teach yourself website design?  What is best for you?  Is the time and energy worth it?

If you have never had a website or are tired of your old one, let's chat about what we can put together for you using the WIX platform.  This very website is entirely built with WIX and I'm more than happy to work with you in creating your own corner of the internet in this same platform.  Email me with your hopes and dreams and we will discover if we are a fit to work together!

I am flexible because I know that not everyone has an extensive marketing budget.  If you absolutely can't pay, we can try to work something out.  These are base prices to give you an idea of my rates.

  • One page site  - $100

  • Each additional page - $50

  • Blog creation/maintenance - $100/month for two posts a month collaborated with you

  • Monthly maintenance/changes anywhere on the site - $25

Any and all questions are welcome.  Check below to see sites I've created to give you a taste of my abilities.  I'm willing to learn and love a challenge. 


Although I cannot reproduce every element of a WordPress site exactly, the truth is, not every plugin available to the WordPress platform is developed by WordPress themselves.  This leaves you open to bugs and a steep learning curve without full support of the WordPress company. Both platforms offer open source code, but do you need to become that technically savvy?

WIX can mirror a WP site very well and, with a 'drag and drop' system and plugins that are integrated into their website builder, we are both able to access support and speak to someone knowledgeable about what apps and plugins we are using.  I can upkeep the site for you to free up your time to create -OR- can fully turn over access to you when things are finished.   

Websites do not need to be dry and boring.  I love to produce dynamic sites with movement and color.  We can use your photos/videos, or I can work to find something online that fits your idea.  I want you and your fans to enjoy the site as much as you do!


Remember, you deserve your own site - don't talk yourself out of it.


I'll get back to you soon!

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