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Enjoy some of my short stories and poems to give you a break from the busy day.  Comment and share - I hope they inspire you!


 Leaves of Friendship

       fall into place

             at certain times

                  in certain ways

Quietly covering pains

   celebrating little gains

       decorating our lives                   in different shapes

               with a perfect size.

 Leaves of Friendship

     double our joy

       with their colors

          share our sorrows

               by providing shade


      when trials weary us.

May we recognize

      the leaves of friendship

           when they fall across

                   our path

May we not rush to

        rake them aside

            for, in their own way

with their style and beauty

     They can bless and heal

          our weary feet

                preventing us

     From walking alone.

     Emotion made his voice waver, power shaking his deep voice, and he stopped himself for a moment. He cleared his throat and held back another thought, shaking his head and swallowing hard before looking up at the angel again.

     “You know where you are? You’re in hell.”

Byron Sully's past is not detailed in the series 

'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman' so I challenged myself to discover what happened to his character after he deserted the army but before he and Michaela fell in love.


This fanfiction is complete - all 50 chapters!

The Legend of Black Wolf

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