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Why do I write?

Romance has always been in my blood, but it wasn't always in my life.  

Not like this.


When Page Publishing accepted my work back in 2013, I didn't know where 'The Early Bird Cafe' would lead me...but I knew it was time to see if this bird would really fly.  

It had started as a collection of scenes to build on my descriptive writing skills.  

Once a plot formed, I was helpless but to write Jim and Eve's entire story.  After

leaving it lay fallow in a drawer for a decade, a TV commercial jolted me out of the

rosy cocoon of new motherhood.  


Time was of the essence.  I needed to get back to my individual pursuits.  I simply

had to follow the dream to prove to myself that I had something inside me

worth sharing.  I needed to spread the love inside me, so to speak!

In the past few years, my life has drastically changed.  

Yours can too.

Not from reading my romance, though I hope you DO enjoy it!  But from writing your own story.

THAT is why I write  - to encourage escape for your spirit, and also to spread love.

There is a story inside of you.  We need your story.  Consider taking that leap today and putting your story out there.   Let yourself fall in love with the idea of embracing that story and sharing it.  Dare to be vulnerable with that inner world you love so much.  You are worth it.  Your story is worth it.  You won't regret it.

Enjoy exploring my stories, including the free chapters.  Then imagine your own book out there someday.

Don't just think it - ink it!


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