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Delve into an addictive weekend read that weaves a tale of love between two very different people who are bound by the long standing ties of friendship.   'The Early Bird Cafe' will have you saying 'just one more chapter!' while reaching for yet another cup of coffee!


For years, Jim and Eve have shared breakfast every morning at The Early Bird Cafe.  Their long standing friendship, however, is thrown into chaos when Jim begins writing his second novel.  Their friendship strained, a grievous string of events coupled with Jim's manipulative new lover takes his focus away from the novel and from his true muse.  Put to the ultimate test, will Eve step back to let Jim be happy with Kate?  Or will she fight for the kiss she's been waiting for all her life?

Eve thinks that all romance is easier than any romance with Jim - yet Eve finds herself unable to fall for anyone but him.


Not sure?
Enjoy a sample...

      “Hello?” I answered anxiously.

      “Darling, I'm sorry to wake you.” It was Jim's mother, who always addressed everyone as 'darling'. 

       I sat bolt upright in bed. She was the last person I would have ever thought would have been on the other end of the line.

      “Hey. Is everything all right?” I tried to keep my voice level.    

      “Jim's father died last night.”



"It is a romance for the thoughtful."                    ~Ragnar, AmazonVine Reviewer



"This was not what I expected. I expected the cliche, over the top snappiness or knight in shining armor type of story. The kind the would make me roll my eyes and say 'this doesn't happen in real life!'  Much to my surprise the story seemed more realistic and you think it's possible. You do realize from early on who will get together you just wonder when and how. It does take a little bit to get used to the double 1 st person. I've never read a book written in this style.

A pretty good book for my first romance, I definitely recommend it."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ~Heath McCombs



"I couldn’t put it down; in fact I ended up reading it twice."                                                    ~Carrie AP



"Eve and Jim are two characters you wouldn't normally think of together. She's straitlaced and dresses in business suits while he's more laid back with tattoo, earrings and a bomber jacket. But they definitely seem to come alive throughout this story. You can't help rooting for these characters...I felt more involved in The Early Bird Café by reading about these characters as real people."                                                                                 ~Samantha Dewitt, Reader's Favorite



Loved reading about you and your book. My first book's press release date is May 1st from Page Publishing. I think they are a good company and I am happy they chose me. I am excited and writing my second book now. Eager to read your book and hear about the great love story. Who doesn't love a good love story?                                                ~Judith Suarez


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