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Don't just think it - Ink it!

Pennsylvania writer Carrie Aulenbacher is a working mom, published author and creative who enjoys crafting stories, working on websites and contributing to digital and print articles worldwide.  She hopes to share her journey and passion for writing with others who need to know that it is ok for them to enjoy their personal creative life on  their own terms.

The Place Between Places Carrie Aulenbacher

'The Place Between Places' is my latest which whisks you out of your busy life and takes you to the picturesque Virginia island of Chincoteague, where Piper Holloway wishes her dream wedding would be taking place.

But when Roy's betrayal throws her world into chaos, she decides to head to the island to cancel the reception plans in person and see what she would that she won't be a Mrs.

When her path crosses with Gabe Ryerson, however, a few days escape only makes her yearn for much more...

Is this
your year?

Thinking you need to make the plunge into the world of author websites but don't know where to start?

Let me offer some help to take the load off of your shoulders and free up your time for more writing!

'The Early Bird Cafe', my debut novel published through Page Publishing from 2014, takes you on a journey between best friends, Jim and Eve, as they come to a crossroads in their relationship.

When Jim's publisher pushes for him to write a romance, he decides to use his journal to use his feelings about Eve for the novel. She has been hiding her feelings for Jim from him for years, afraid to voice her desire and lose him as a friend.

With Kate in the picture, can Eve stand by one more time as love passes her by?  Or will she fight for the kiss she has been waiting for all her life?  What would you do - if it were your best friend?

The Early Bird Cafe Carrie Aulenbacher
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