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A Year of Change

Whether we want to accept it or not, this year is to be one of change.

We wish that, for better or worse, that things would stay the same in life, but eventually, something has to change.

There is no going back, things cannot be reversed.

We can fight it but to what end? And so we soldier on, trying our best to be valiant in our efforts. We try hard to be brave and strong for others so that they can depend on something amidst all the unwanted change.

Still, in the dark, we shed a tear and cast our worries on the Lord, finally admitting that we are utterly scared out of our socks at what is happening. Even we are human, after all.

We pour a stiff drink, draw our circles and say prayers that this go easy on our already tender and breaking hearts. We pray it pass by instead, knowing we ask in vain.

Don't go.

Not yet.

We have so much yet to see of this world, we say.

And then we look around and see ourselves in the mirror and hear what we have been praying and begin to ask that beautiful spirit in the mirror the same thing.

Let's not go.

Not yet.

Let's stay and experience all that we can - because it is all so beautiful.

Beautiful dark clouds, majestic and terrifying waves...all are change.

So is it that we fear the change itself, or the unknown future after it has changed us?

Perhaps we should plead this year, not for the absence of change, but for courage to evolve while maintaining authenticity this year.

The two need not be mutually exclusive. Perhaps the courage in the face of fearful change will be the only thing we have to hold onto while the waves crash and the dark clouds blot out the sun for a while...a buoy to keep us afloat until calm weather returns.

For there may be a night of wailing and crying out, but a joy shall bloom in the morning, for everything has a season...a beginning and an end.

Yes, change and courage may ride a dark horse and come in the storm, but not simply for our obliteration. I pray they trot gently on the field of our dreams this year as they herald unimaginable change.


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