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My meeting with Dion, although random, ended up being one of the best things that happened after being published.  Our chats soon made us realize that, although we come from vastly different worlds, we both share the same deep passion to create.


'The Cheeze' as I have nicknamed him, also sports a passion for fashion and is upgrading to include Cow Got Cash clothing line so you can not only dress in style, but find a great book to go with your amazing new outfit!


Thanks, Dion, for the chance to write with you and for all your help in my journey - you're amazing!!

Click here to go check out Dion's latest 'Caught Slippin' - a hilarious tale where the worst possible tragedy can equate to success...



Talk Amongst

My Selves

A podcast documenting our journey 


 Leaves of Friendship

       fall into place

             at certain times

                  in certain ways

Quietly covering pains

   celebrating little gains

       decorating our lives                   in different shapes

               with a perfect size.

 Leaves of Friendship

     double our joy

       with their colors

          share our sorrows

               by providing shade


      when trials weary us.

May we recognize

      the leaves of friendship

           when they fall across

                   our path

May we not rush to

        rake them aside

            for, in their own way

with their style and beauty

     They can bless and heal

          our weary feet

                preventing us

     From walking alone.

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