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The 2019 Creative Inside Her newsletter is focused this year on

getting back to my true passion for writing.  I hope that my

journey will inspire you to consider putting you back on the

top of your priority list as well!

After diving into the world of published writing in 2013, I found a new world opening up to me.  It helped keep my identity grounded as I adjusted to life as a new mother.  The adventure was amazing and I learned a LOT along the way about publishing, marketing and creating a brand for my romance writing.


My goal was to prove to myself that I could truly produce a solid work that strangers would enjoy.  And with the help of Page Publishing, I accomplished just that.  It by no means made me rich, but by reaching my goal, I grew and learned a lot about myself.


As motherhood comes again, this year I have a new goal: to enjoy my time creating because it makes me happy.  I am tired of feeling guilty for not maximizing every bit of my creativity into a side job.  I want to write because I want to!


So if you have been running yourself ragged trying to maximize every moment of the day...


If you ever feel guilty just wanting to 'play' with your hobby...


If you miss 'you time' where you just explore your passions and experiment with an idea...


I hope my newsletter encourages you that it is OKAY for you to do that!  Whether a mother or not, you are a creative.  'The Creative Inside Her' hopes to help you see that the beautiful person inside of you needs time to enjoy creating!  Be your most authentic self this year and honor that inner drive to explore those passions, whether they make you rich or not. 

Whether they seem silly to other people or not.

Whether anyone understands your JOY or not!

It is important to you, so it is worth doing.

Join me on this 2019 journey!


How can flowers bloom without taking in the sun? 

How can you water another flower from an empty pitcher? 

What do you do for yourself every day so that you have what it takes to take care of all the people in your life?

It is time to make you a priority every day so that you are growing and evolving inside!

Stay Inspired Creatively!

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