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5 Tips For A Radio Interview

​My latest interview happened this week on The Michael Dresser Show. I was particularly thrilled about this because I first came into contact with him through Twitter. Can you imagine my thrill one morning when I not only logged on to find I had new followers, but that one of these new followers was a seasoned radio host like Michael Dresser?

Let me tell you, that was exciting! And, once I got into his extensive website (the archives alone will keep me well entertained as I work my way through them!) I was even more excited to contact him and hear back that same day! Then, as I read through his email, something jumps out at me.


This is going to be a live interview. My first. EEP! Now what?

Let me tell you, if this is the boat you're in right now, don't worry. Yes, it's true that a lot of people are going to be listening to this and YES it is true that you are not going to be able to take back any coughs or stumbles. But don't sweat - you can DO this!

  • BREATHE! -- don't forget that nobody is expecting you to be speed-reading anything or chattering a mile a minute. Keep the pace conversational and the tone natural. We, the listeners, would rather hear a breath before your answer than a long 'ummm...'

  • FOCUS! -- This is a great opportunity for you to get out in front of new buyers and let them know that this book is just what they've been looking for. Don't stray from this chance by talking about yourself. We don't care about you - we want to hear about the book. So tell us all about it!

  • ENUNCIATE! -- Most of the interviews done these days are over the telephone, which is not the best medium around, but hey, we can't all afford to be jetting across the country to appear in studio. For interviews that are recorded, remember to find a quiet room to eliminate background chatter and also speak a bit louder than normal. For recorded interviews, if the sound technician has to turn you down a bit, that's always better than trying to turn you UP.

  • PLAN! -- Alright, so we can't always know what the interviewer is going to ask, especially when we land a live interview. But it never hurts to have some notes in front of you that are sectioned according to topic just in case you freeze and need to say something. Printing in an extra large font and underlining key phrases never hurts as it might draw your eye to something when you're stuck and need to get the interview going!

  • ENJOY! -- A great friend, Alan Turner, always tells me before an interview to have a good time. He's not just saying that to be nice; he's stressing the importance of enjoying the interview and not getting caught up in the technicalities. People listening in can hear the smile in your voice. They can also hear the stress in your voice (unfortunately). So, even though the interviewer may be running the show, YOU are the talent they want to hear from and it is YOUR book that they want to hear about. After all your hard work, this is a great chance to let your 'book baby' shine, so enjoy!

For those who were unable to catch me live, you can find the interview I did with Michael Dresser HERE. I would LOVE to hear from you and hear all about your own radio interview experiences - just comment below or drop me a line here at the website! I look forward to sharing your interviews with my fans.


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