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Independent Book Store Day May 2

Werner Books, located in the Liberty Plaza, now has my title in stock. Gail was generous enough to take my book on and I'm so appreciative because this is a store already FULL of fantastic titles!

She has an entire section dedicated to local authors, which I think is really great for Erie. If you love books, you need to visit her shop and keep it local. If you stop in, let me know as I would love to get you an autograph and keep in touch for a review posting in the future!

Please keep great local stores like Werner Books as we approach the Christmas holiday. By shopping at places like this, we can help magnify the really great gems that are a part of Erie's flair. And, when visiting, by looking into local titles, you can help show your support of the local arts. Whatever your tastes in reading, Gail is sure to have something that will be a unique addition to your bookshelves!


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