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Journaling: The Greatest Benefit

You were lost to me…

Yet, I found you.Mile after mile, day after day, inch by inch I never gave up looking…

And now I see you.

And you are beautiful.

It is a painful chapter out of my journal, written after coming back into the light from a very dark place. We’ve all been in that dark place at one time or another. Some of those times end with the coming of dawn, and some of those times never seem to end. I won’t bore you with the entire entry, as it would take more explaining than one blog post. However, the point is that it was my journal that truly helped me to face a mirror…to face myself…and for that, I am forever grateful.

My journal has been by my side the past 25 years of my life. I can, without a doubt, say that I know I would not be the me I am today without it. Without that tradition, that ritual of taking pencil in hand and writing out my thoughts I would be a different person. Without honoring my self by taking time to sit down and reflect and vent and support myself in those endless pages, I would not be the me that is writing to you right now.

Has it changed you, as it has me? The greatest benefit for me is that it truly enables me to be able to be myself. Within those hallowed pages, my makeup can come off, the claws can come out, the tears too. No judging, no backtalking, no snide remarks. What a relief to have that friend at hand for so long in my life. The freedom for endless introspection has saved me. Did it help you find yourself…as it did for me?

I went through a dark place most don't know about and I fought against the sorrow of a death that threatened to break me. It was a tragety that I hope none experience. I could hide it from most, but not from my journal. And I got nothing but quiet support every time I began another page. And my journal never tried to change the subject, never yawned when I told the same story for the tenth time and was never patronizing.

Have you felt pain so acute your soul hurt?Have you told your journal lately?It's waiting...and it will understand...


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