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Everybody's had those days when you just can't wait to get home from work, get away from the kids or husband, get off the phone and away from the computer and just...hide.

Those days when the laundry and bills never seem to end, and someone broke a plate, someone forgot to pick up more milk, someone let the dog out of the yard and everything is going wrong.

Do you turn to your book boyfriend on a day like that?

I know I do!

There's nothing like drifting off for an hour in the evening to his voice as he asks me to tell him all about it. Even with the drama in his own life, he's there to pull me into his arms and tell me it's going to be ok. He's going to fight for me and save the day...then he kisses my forehead ever so gently...OK, so maybe I drifted off there a little! <haha> I have a bad habit of inserting myself into the heroine role when I read - doesn't everybody? But, seriously, here are just some of the reasons why I need my book boyfriend. How many can you relate to?

  1. He's a badass and does what he wants. He knows the rules and is hellbent on breaking them so he can carve out his own world. I love a take charge kinda guy!

  2. But he's a teddy bear when it comes to his sweetheart. <ie, me> After being a badass, he turns into a teddy bear behind closed doors who is lost without his one true love <insert my name here>. That he's so tough on the outside to the rest of the world while being so tender inside to only <me> just melts my heart.

  3. He doesn't care about looks. There's always a point where he ends up telling <me> that he doesn't care if I combed my hair or dressed up because he's madly in love with my eyes and my laugh and the smell of my hair after laying in bed with him all night...*sigh*....

  4. But he always gives the perfect *look*. Oh, those eyes...and those dark, 'come hither' smoky looks that can send me melting into a puddle at the drop of a hat. *fans self* And how about the fact that he's always got on a tight shirt (or shirtless!) when he does it. Plus, he'll do it in a group of people where <I> can't acknowledge or act upon it and have to just sit on it until later! *sweet torture*

  5. He defends who he cares about - to the very end. No matter what, he's always got <my> back when that dangerous/challenging situation comes up and someone's gotta step in and say something. Whether I'm about to lose Dad's ranch, or if an errant biker gang is threatening my tattoo parlor, he's ready to jump in at a moment's notice. And he's a Momma's boy, which I know we all adore!

  6. But he knows, however, that I don't need saving! He's able to toe that line between taking over an entire situation and being <my> teammate in things. If I AM dealing with a biker gang threatening my shop, he's totally got my back without making it seem as if I'm totally helpless.

  7. Plus, he's good at apologizing when he DOES try to save <me>. OK, so he's not perfect - sometimes, his badass hot-headed ways make him go overboard and take over. When he does cross the line, he's soo good at apologizing. Whether that be to cook me dinner all by himself or drive me out to the lake under a blanket of stars, he's willing to go that extra mile to apologize. Plus, he always remembers to wear that cologne that drives <me> nuts when he does it! *toes curling just imagining it*

  8. He understands that not everything needs fixing! My book boyfriend certainly never gets in a huff because he's frustrated at not being able to fix every situation I bring to his attention. <I> can trust that he knows when to let <me> vent and when to take charge. The best is when he draws me a bath and then sits behind me to wash my hair while I do vent...which usually doesn't last long! *sigh*

  9. He's got those sexy secret quirks no real guy has. I'm not talking about his skilled hands when he's between the sheets, although that's always a bonus! But just when <I'm> in a tight spot, he's there to fix the carbureator on my old car, or repair the kitchen sink, climb a tree to retrieve my son's kite, show me how he and his brothers used to go "giggin' frogs", wax eleoquent on an obscure author or reveal a drawing of me he's kept hidden since the day we met. I mean, who knows what a carbureator even IS anymore? And a guy who reads - and reads authors I know and love? Oh...*falls into a dramatic faint*

  10. He's there to hold me when I need 'holdin'. He's the type of guy who isn't against just laying in bed and holding me close. He loves watching me sleep with my head on his chest and he loves running his fingers through my hair or rubbing my back without expecting more out of it. And he certainly never complains when I keep turning his pages!

How about you?

What do you think I missed?

Comment below!

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