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Tips on HARO Pitches

This week, tweeting led me to talk to Stacey Miller over at and I was able to help her out with new testimonials for their release of their new website design; way cool!

"I started out looking into HARO for ways to boost exposure of my new novel. I quickly realized HARO could do much more for me! The variety of reporters brought me into a whole new world, and I now use HARO for exposure as I journey into literary works AND freelancing. It works because I’ve incorporated it into part of my job and I treat it as such. I’m very determined to incorporate my articles into my site, my Twitter and to help the reporter as much after the publication of their article as I was the moment I submitted my pitch. It’s more than backlinks to me; it’s about developing relationships..."

See my testimonial on's new website and read about lots of other people who have given the service a try and come away with great results. Even better results are out there for you so why not give it a go? I'd love to hear from you; tell me your experience in the comments below. And as always, comments or even a thumbs up on the video is appreciated!

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