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I like...LOVE you, Twitter!

I've always found the fast pace and condensed amount of info on Twitter to be compelling. And retweets and favorites were a sure sign of a tweet's success in my analytics. But now, you no longer have the option to feel a tweet is a 'favorite' of yours.

Yes, you can officially be in LOVE!

Twitter, starting today, has changed the star option of 'favorites' to the heart option of 'love'. And I think this will be a good thing.

Twitter owns Vine and users have been able to show love on Vine for a while now. With this streamlining, users will be better able to bounch back and forth without getting confused.

Plus, it gives a cute bit of animation when you click it. Like the gray heart is splashed with red and coming to life! There's more love to share now and we don't have to restrict what is our 'favorite' anymore.

I think the psychology behind it is fair. Subconsciously, you might restrict a 'favorite' because by definition, only one thing can be a 'favorite'. <Think back to your favorite bear you needed before bed each night!> But when it comes to love, we can love a bunch of very similar things for slightly different reasons. <Think back to how you loved ALL your stuffed animals or toys in different ways!>

What do you think? I'd love to hear from all my Tweeps out there. Are you more likely now to spread some love to tweets in your stream? How many times would you 'favorite' something in the past?

As the language of the internet becomes a bit more universal, do you 'like' it or LOVE it?

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