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Erie Lake Effect Snowfall

Hard to believe but I'm in the 2nd snowiest city in the country right now. Hard to believe because we've been #1 for the past two years! Yes, I admit, I'm probably one of the few who is in love with the tremendous amounts of snow we get from living a mile from the shores of Lake Erie. I don't even ski or snowboard and I love it; so sue me!

I need to take walks in the woods behind our house and just immerse myself in the quiet blanket that covers everything throughout each winter. It's invigorating to get out and experience Mother Nature's frozen glory. But more than just walking, I get a lot out of the lake effect.

Inspiring My Writing

Often, it will be at a moment where I'm standing next to the half frozen creek and the train whistle will reach me through the wind swept branches that the Muse will touch my imagination and set my writer's mind to thinking. These walks have inspired so much. I can't imagine living somewhere that produced even half as much snow. I wouldn't know what to do with myself! And my imagination would probably become very bored.

Stirring Thoughts of Romance

As I was out just yesterday, when this picture was taken, the chill made me think to my free novella and how the story might continue for Gabe and Piper throughout the coming fall and winter months. I love the "tech free" walks and what they can do for me. Writers owe it to themselves to get away from wifi and put down technology. I think there are times when the Muse is allergic to it!

And of Course...Exercise

Then, naturally, I have to pull myself out of my reverie of writing romance and get back to shovelling the driveway! <haha> I've shoveled that thing sometimes thrice in a day, not that you could tell. When done safely, it's helped keep my guns toned and my cardio high. (Or at least I can dream it does!) For a person who is not a gym rat by any stretch, the lure of playing in the snow has helped me stay healthy while enjoying the winter wonderland!

No matter how much snow you do or don't get this winter, I hope you're out and about to take in a bit of winter nature. What's your favorite thing to do outside in winter? Anybody take a pad and pen with them? Or perhaps do you like to audio record your brainstorming thoughts as you walk? I'd love to hear from you!


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