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How To Create A Valentine From The Heart


Sometimes, just the word stirs dread among those of us not verbally confident.

What to say? What to write?

I’m going to talk about it with Times News’ own Sarah Stemen this week on WICU Channel 12 here in Erie. I want to encourage you to not worry so much about form but focus on content. Before you see my segment, start with these three tips:

You ARE An Expert

First and foremost, quit doubting yourself. Who knows your loved one better than you? Who feels that love more deeply than you? You don’t have to be Dr. Ruth to be an expert. You live with that love pounding in your chest every day and you feel those highs and lows more acutely than anyone else. Trust that the words you feel mean more than any quote you could steal off of Google…because your words are real and filled with the emotion only you can create!

Show Don’t Tell

Many authors get this advice and the same rings true for you as you create a valentine for your loved one. Don’t just tell them that you love them…show them how much that love affects you. Describe how overwhelmed you are just hearing that special laugh or how tender your heart gets when they hug you as only they can do. Paint a picture that only know and show them the power they have with that special love they share with you.

Ditch The Rhyme

Roses are red…we know, we know. As much as some might be stirred by a French villanelle, don’t put yourself under the stress of having to write a rhyming valentine poem. You’ll only discourage yourself or come up with something you’re too shy to share. Prose is a great way to string together phrases that come to mind without needing it to rhyme. The content is the key here, anyway!

I’ll be sharing more valentine tips for writing something handmade this Thursday during the 5:30pm news with a segment that Sarah Stemen and I worked on – so be sure to go to if you’re out of the viewing area.

Share your valentine draft with me in the comments below! I’m here to encourage you to show that love that’s inside you…I know you can do it!

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