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I Want To Be A Brave Writer

A Hashtag Inspired This

It's #ThankfulThursday over on Twitter and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to not only make a point to be more thankful every Thursday, but to actively thank all those brave writers who are out there writing. You inspire me and make me thankful to be among your ranks!

The Hardest Part

Writing is such a vulnerable thing. A writer opens themselves up to so much when they take a private world in their head and translate it into a readable medium for others to discover. That private world can sometimes be our only solace when everything out here in the real world is crashing down. To willingly share that other world is a very hard thing to do.

I'm Talking To You

If this Thankful Thursday leaves you wishing you could be a brave writer, then that means you have a pretty wonderful world inside your head that you simply adore. Whether it be fantasy, western, or a high drama fast paced city world...there is a story inside you that excites you. You dream of opening up and sharing it. You think others might enjoy visiting it as much as you do.

Granting Access Is Scary

Offering a visa into that world might taint it. Others might not like it. They might mark it up with the graffiti of a bad review. They might not appreciate the characters; some of whom are like your own extended family members. It scares you to think of the judgement. What if your best friend read it and didn't 'get' it? Didn't like it? How could you go on?

In Spite Of Possible Loss

Well, the answer is NOT to keep it hidden. That's a sure fire way to hide your authentic self and that road will only lead you to the town of regret. Because after me, the best friend, is gone, you'll find that years have passed and you've hidden your story all for nothing. And you'll wonder how things might have been different if you'd been bold enough to write it down and offer it as your story. Perhaps the story needs to be written in order for those who are no longer a part of your journey to have their exit. It is a sad but true possibility.

The Journey Is For You - Not Them

The writing of your story might look like you're simply jumping into the publishing world in order to make money. And on one layer, that might very well be true. But on another level, translating this inner story onto the page might be the key you need to move forward in your life in some way. It might seem like a destination from here, but once you finish, it can become a stepping stone to newfound confidence and bigger goals. Yes, we all want to be famous for our writing, but if you're dying to get started, write this for you.

It Doesn't Mean You're Not Scared

The courage to even write a page a day doesn't mean you've banished your fears. Being brave in writing can still mean you're afraid - Lord knows I AM!! It's hard to stare at that blank page every day and think of how your words might impact another person and change things in your life. But the accomplishment of getting one paragraph down, and then one page more is truly a feeling you have to experience. Don't focus on how many other books are released for sale yearly but think of the millions of stories that never get written. Don't be afraid of never selling a copy. Be afraid of being among the masses that never write one sentence.

But This Isn't A Simple Genre Story

Hey, it's ok - there are genre's popping up all the time. Many writers simply call themselves a fiction writer or put their story under literary fiction. Don't get hung up on the eventual marketing variables but concentrate on accomplishing the writing itself. Everything else will come with time. Don't sabotage your thinking by getting ahead of yourself. Aim for a goal you can reach within reason and stick to it daily. If it is a story nobody has ever heard, then so much the better that you're writing it. If it is a fantasy world nobody has ever fathomed before, who better to write it and rule that world than you. What better time than now!

Get A Cheerleader

If you're feeling like no-one in your circle is going to understand your desire to write something, hit me up. I'll get it. Go to your Twitter feed. Search the hashtag #amwriting. Find your people. They are out there. They can be the cheer section you need each day. Sometimes a tweet from a friend can really get me inspired. It can help you too. Reach out and share your desire! You'll find there are other people who are just as nervous and unsure with their writing as you are. Network and gather support. It's never a bad idea.

Think Of It This Way

The world inside you is unexplored and you are the pioneer who is going to draw the first map to lead others on a journey they haven't yet imagined. You hold the fate of this inner world in your hand. You can create something you've never been able to find on the shelves anywhere else. You can grow as a writer to be able to paint a mouth-watering picture for future readers of characters that set your heart ablaze. You'll find your kin, your writing family out there as they read it. But none of it can happen until you take a deep breath and write that first sentence.


Share your first sentence with me over on Twitter @Aully1 so I can cheer you on! Share this post to encourage a friend to try what they've been afraid to do. Even a 100 word story is a story - don't look at quantity, just quality. Get started today and find that you've been that brave writer all along!

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