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Embrace Inspiration To Help Your Mind Unlock Authentic Writing

Mushrooms Got Me Thinking...

Mushrooms appear randomly. They look unconventional in comparison to the food we usually eat. They form mysterious rings, rumored to sometimes be the work of fairies. Some types are poisonous, yet others are extremely valued for their flavor.

So many people dislike and even fear mushrooms.

Can the same be true for inspiration?

Inspiration appears randomly. Inspirations looks unconventional in comparison to the energy we have, writing-wise. Inspiration can form rings - can we 100% disprove fairies? And some inspiration hinders, yet some is extremely valuable and worthy.

How It Starts

Think about it for a second. You're on the couch, bag of chips nearby, Netflix binge imminent. It's been a long day and you just want to turn your mind off and relax. That's the moment when inspiration on your currently stalled creative endeavor strikes. Without paper or phone within reach, you're at a crossroads: let it go, or get up and capture it.

Don't Worry, Mrs. A, I'll Remember It

You hash it over in your mind a moment and then, too weary to accept the challenge of getting out of your nest, resolve to remember the idea and shelf the inspiration for later. But is it always just an issue of being too tired? Could the underlying responsibilities makes us weary in mind? Are there times when we unknowingly self sabotage by turning away from those inspiring moments?

You're Crazy - What's There To Fear?

Inspiration to finish your next manuscript will get you over the hurdle of #amwriting and catapult you to the next challenge of #ampublishing. What if you put all that work in and the beta readers don't dig it? You struggled to get the last cover perfect - the thought of getting ready to go through that circus again makes you cringe. And more non-existent sales isn't encouraging, either. There is plenty that you might unconsciously be avoiding in your journey.

So Why Does This Make You Think Of Mushrooms?

Inspiration struck over the weekend while gathering wild mushrooms at a friend's house. She wasn't sure I should eat them, how did I know they were safe, etc. The field was full of them (all the harmless variety) and I was taken back to my childhood and times with my Gramps when we would collect them while walking to the pond during our weekly visits. How simply yet profoundly I hoped to infuse my children's formative years with wholesome and loving experiences.

It made me miss Gramps, as he taught me invaluable things that have formed who I am to this very day. All creatives have that power - to bring benefit to others in our own way. We must strive, in spite of fear, to trust that what we have inside us is worth sharing in order to help others on their path. It came to me as I drove I had to pull over to jot notes about this post because I didn't want to try to remember it all!

And What If I AM A Tiny Bit...Afraid?

Inspiration carries with it the possibility of a new chapter of your life opening up. Change disrupts our comfy schedule and the unknown can bring with it fear of failure or rejection. If you've published something once, the uncertainty of publishing again may make you want to say, 'Oh, the novel was just something on my bucket list. I'm onto other things now.' Try not to think of trying for another publication as a meaningless external reach for happiness. Look inward and embrace this thought...

You're Expressing Your Inner Self Worth

Inspiration is bringing you the gift of being able to outwardly create a tangible expression of your inner self-worth.

Putting our inner worlds onto paper is being made vulnerable. That's a big unknown and we could be rejected. But in playing it safe and steering away from the inspiration that could lead us to this new vulnerability, we are subconsciously telling ourselves that we are not on our own team. We're voting against ourselves. We are harboring negativity that chips away at our view of our true self.

Stepping up to the challenge that inspiration brings is a way to vote for yourself. Taking time to explore that inspiration is investing in your ideas and dreams. When that uncertainty ripples the waters of fear, trust that inspiration has come for a good reason and hold fast.

Many people I know feel guilty for taking time for themselves and their passion. But drinking in that inspiration fuels your spirit. You can't pour from an empty pitcher.

Take Charge To Make Change

I'm not saying it's not scary; it is! I can't guarantee that today's inspiration is going to be what makes you a millionaire. But by making time for that connecting with that inspiration and investing in the idea it brings, you honor yourself and take charge of making change in your own life. You are helping your own brand of authentic writing to flourish!

But What About The Mushrooms?

They turned out a delicious soup that filled the house with an aroma I've loved since childhood. They helped me take time out to remember Gramps and revisit some beloved memories of childhood. And they helped create this post, which I hope has helped to encourage and embolden you today. So they carried more than their share of benefit...all from a simple weekend of rainy weather.


Tune in on Twitter Thursday, August 25th at 40pm EDT for a #MrsAChat where we will discuss ways to take charge and make change happen in our creative lives! Look for the hashtag and get in on the conversation. I'd love to hear how you have been making change when inspiration strikes!

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