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My Evenings

I like to share informative posts to you creatives, most times, but it occurs to me that I haven't talked in a while about myself, my process and my evenings.

Here is the latest sunset, taken from the 3rd green at the golf course across the street. In the quiet of the evenings, there are no active golfers at this time of year, so it serves as the perfect spot to take in the sky and reflect on a beautiful show of clouds and sunshine. As long as the boss is otherwise supervised, I can sneak over there and have a moment to myself. (Thanks to my hubby!) What luck I had that the camera was charged and ready to go!

​It's the time of year when the crab apples fall and litter the lawn with their bright red color - and the same time of year when the morning glory blossoms turn from deep blue to lighter purple as the overnight chill touches them. So when I can, I'm raking crabapples and leaves so we have an unobstructed path to the creek. My most revitalizing walks lead me there and I can't imagine not being able to ramble around down there everyday after dinner.

Then, I find myself moving the plants inside as I prepare to see that frost any morning now. I thought I did pretty good at paring down in terms of my plant inventory this year. However, last month, some succulents went on clearance and needed a home, so we are full to bursting again. Much of my spare time is spent these days in researching them and setting up a good winter home. How I would hate to kill them after they had such a successful summer of growth!

When outside work is done, and the bosses needs have been met, my evening switches gears to checking in with all of you. From LinkedIn to Facebook, from my YouTube channel to my website, I like to touch base and see what's going on. If there is a chapter lurking, I will work on it.

Otherwise, with evening being my lowest point of energy, I might finish the night with one of the various series I'm working on. Right now, I'm catching up on my Supernatural because the new season is starting and I don't want to get further behind! (Dean is my guilty pleasure! haha) Lucifer on FOX is a close second...'Maze' reminds me of a female version of 'Happy' from Sons of Anarchy! ​​

There's nothing like a quiet house with everyone settled and taken care of to help me get to sleep.

And even sleep, lately, has been a great place for me to work on future ideas for stories. One constant, no matter what time I turn in, is that Grace is there. She is very 'Pro-Sleep' and is sure to remind me that it's time for bed. It's amazing to me that I don't dream of cats more than I do!

I do a lot of driving in my dreams, flying too. I meet characters that are in the backgrounds of my stories, even. They want to clamor for my attention and it seems a dream world is the perfect place for me to meet them and see what they have to offer. Plot twist, anyone?

What is your evening like? Do you find it the perfect time to get the most writing done? Or do you crash as soon as your favorite show is over? Let me know! Comment or tweet me @Aully1!

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