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Sweet Valentine Gifts For Authors

They don't operate like others do...writers...

They can seemingly turn up their nose at any traditional gift, leaving you feeling stuck. But be helpless no more! Here are 3 great gifts to give an author on Valentine's Day:

A Book Trailer Video / Animated GIF

Many scoff at creating something cinematic to sell something written. Yet, one can't rightfully deny the fact that video conversion rates on social media are much higher than conversion rates on simple text or links. Video just catches our eye more, it makes us stop scanning the feed to watch, it draws us in...

Videos By O is a website that can provide your favorite author some love in the video department without breaking the bank. Opal Campbell operates under the philosophy that EVERY author should have the chance to have a great bit of video that helps their book marketing. She has a price list on her services page, but everything is negotiable, so you are happy with what you get!

I can't recommend her enough. For the sales she puts out, you can buy the author in your life more than one service and have money left over for some candy. It will show them that you believe in what they are doing - and that can go a long way towards expressing love in a very profound way!

Starbucks Card + App!

For those who like to be around people 'in the wild' when they write, consider getting them a gift card and getting them to put the Starbucks App on their phone. The app is free and lets you order ahead of time and jump the ENTIRE line when your coffee is ready. Your favorite author could order their coffee when they pull into the mall complex, casually walk around gathering inspiration, go jump the line and grab their coffee, and immediately sit down to write. No waiting.

Sometimes, we just need space and caffeine to get the job done. Showing that special author in your life that you respect their need for space to write, along with an extra tall grande with mocha and sprinkles can be music to their ears. Offer to pick them up when they run out the card and promise to listen to their new plot twist! You'll have a Valentine forever!


Ok, I don't mean wrap a bow around yourself and wait on the couch with a rose between your teeth...I mean give them the gift of you as someone they can confide in, vent to, bounce ideas off of and just support them like crazy.

Writer's tend to get warm receptions from friends and family, and that's great. But during those times that the words don't come easy, it takes more than one or two likes on a FB post or a smile from a friend - it takes someone who is in it 500% and willing to talk about writer's block and plot twists until the cows come home. Until you're falling asleep. Until THEY fall asleep!

Be a support that doesn't just hit 'like'. And don't just ask "How's it going?" Because it stresses me out to hear people ask me that and I can't be the only one. I assume your expectation is to hear my next novel will be published momentarily. And it won't - because I'm stuck.

Ask if you can be a sounding board to brainstorm ideas. Show that you're not just generally supportive of them following their dream to write, but express that you want to help however you can. Pass out business cards, name drop to others, leave reviews on Amazon, test read chapters for them - whatever might help. The gift of you as a passionate and active friend can be the greatest gift.

Writers need that energy, your energy. Be a living Valentine for them this year!


A bonus idea would be to have them check out my website to see if I might be able to help them get started on their own WIX website. In this 'Pay It Forward' year, I'm reaching out to all new authors who need a starter site but don't have the time or energy to figure out all the bells and whistles of a program. Let me be of assistance to them.

I can put together something so that the favorite author in your life doesn't have to go through 2017 wishing for their own corner of the internet! They can simply pay me what they feel the work has been worth and, if they absolutely cannot pay, I still would like to chat with them. I often pick projects I'm excited about just go be able to gift a website with no cost. Truly!

We get the best Valentine's when we ARE a Valentine to others and that's my goal.

Always feel free to drop a line to me at -

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