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The First 1,000

Guess What?

It happened this first 1,000 Twitter followers.

It took 8 years and some 9,000+ odd tweets to reach that, but still, I was floored. Half of those one thousand have come within the last 18 months, which is a decent climb!

Does it matter in the grand scheme of the universe? No.

Kim Kardashian still doesn't know who I am and I still haven't sold enough books to retire early and buy that private island I want.

Is it still worth celebrating? Of course!

But That's Still Small

Yes, in the land of Twitter, a thousand followers is a drop in the social media ocean. It can make one feel depressed, if you let it.

But for a down home girl who grew up in the swamp, I earned those 1,000 followers organically. It wasn't easy and that makes it feel so satisfying.

Organic Takes Time

There are tons of ways to double and triple that number in mere hours. For just a few sheckles, one can purchase as many followers as one can shake a stick at.

But being handed a large number of followers on social media doesn't always last and isn't always real. I've watched my overall total break one thousand and then drop back to triple digits for a few weeks now myself.

So once it stayed above that threshold, I decided to celebrate.

It's been a lot of work - and it's been so worth it!

So if you're not there yet, keep working and be patient. Your first thousand is coming! Here are things to keep in mind:

  • Be Your Best Real Self

I continue to make the effort to thank those who re-tweet my links. I answer every direct message and pay it forward with encouragement wherever I can. Being authentic has made me great connections that I truly enjoy. Re-tweet what resonates with you and thank those who interact with you. Don't set up an automated direct message to new followers; it's too impersonal. A little authenticity can mean so much!

  • Go Live

I've also started delving into Twitter Live. Live video isn't easy, but I decided to take it head on and just go for it. It's been great for my self esteem when it comes to connecting with new people online and not worrying about editing and being perfect. Don't be afraid; just let it flow. You'll be surprised how easy and fun it can be if you follow my tutorial here on my channel.

  • Keep It Positive

You might be tempted to enter a Twitter war with someone giving an ignorant POV. Direct that energy towards something positive instead. Find an uplifting GIF or meme and tag your friends. Tweets live forever. Don't put that negativity out there for others to shy away from your profile.

  • Search For Your 'Kind'

Be proactive and search for terms and hashtags fellow tweeps have used in their own bio. Even picking just five new accounts each week to follow can help you branch out and gain new followers. You can then organize them on lists for easier searching later.

  • Have Fun!

Watch the trending hashtags and join in on fun holidays or local events. Getting in on the fun and sharing lighthearted tweets is a great way to show another angle of yourself that new followers might like. Plus, it can start interesting conversations you would never expect. Step outside the box - relax - and have fun!


Your Turn

When did you hit a thousand followers? If you are still starting out, how many do you have now? Comment below and share one tip you learned along the way. Ask a question if you're new. Be sure to share your Twitter handle so we can follow each other and let's cheer each other on, no matter where we are in the journey!

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