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The Journey of a Diverse Writer by Ayesha Marfani

The story of pains

There was a girl who had a great world of imagination and was a fantastic storyteller, and she laughed a lot. She had confidence in her abilities and aspired to be a great educationist. She lived with the loving people who nurtured her to excellence. They showed faith in her abilities, and she excelled yet within confined limits. The girl faced a life change and saw her devastated dreams. She encountered people who were imprudent with the use of the words. The harsh words sapped her, and she lost her hard-earned confidence. She entered the world of miseries where she questioned herself, is there any good and best in me.

These pains made her depressed when she started to hear the unspoken woes of people around her. She penned their words as stories. Soon her stories received attention. People told her she wrote on very different and unique topics.

The words are here and there

I catch them everywhere

The pain did wonders to her and woke up the writer inside her.

In my pen I catch words...

Those which are never heard


The Story Of Fears

The girl crafted amazing stories with diverse characters such as:

  • Peeper- a jinn excluded from his tribe.

  • Sara and Saira - the twins from the Exhortation Valley who wanted everything in life.

  • A restless child who wanted to be everything in life and found that being human is everything

  • Miss Never Pleased - who never felt pleased

  • Sara - who was wounded from war

  • Kinza - a girl suffering from terminal illness who had a fear of Corpse land where she saw herself rotting away.

  • Ordinary hero - a boy who lived in a family with terrific traits to death crow’s cave to show himself as a hero

and many others. You will be meeting them in the upcoming books. However, she feared:

Will I ever get an audience?

Will I be able to write well and gain handsome reviews?

Will my stories hook the readers?

Will my readers be moved by the emotions of my characters?

Will I get a traditional publishing contract?

Will I be able to sell enough copies to hit the best-seller list?

Will I ever be published by the big five?

Will I be able to produce manuscripts with excellent grammar as a non-native English speaker?

In spite of these eight big fears, amazingly, she has removed the first five. The stories written by her have an audience. People love and like her words and tales. She has five traditional contracts, and receives notes from people telling her that her characters make them smile and cry.

However, the resolution of last three fears is still in progression. She is trying to market her books well. She is running her website to reach the masses. She has submitted to the big five and hopes for a contract. She works hard on grammar. Editors and critics say that her writing has improved a lot, though she has more to learn.


The Story Of Challenges

Between her hopes and fears she faced the following challenges:

  • To get people to listen to her

  • To make people understand her diverse characters

  • To get the editing done within a limited budget

  • To think of rejections as positive

  • To make people believe in her characters

She has faced all the challenges with courage yet making people believe the psychological, emotional and social intelligence of her characters remains an issue. She thinks that this is what diversity is; to tell about the unknown characters to the world. She is practicing to make her diverse characters believable.


The Story Of Dreams

She has a great many dreams that never end. The dreams kept on taking new faces.

She knows that dreams never end. Dreaming is living, and she will dream new things till the last breath.

However, when she looks back and see how much she has accomplished, she says, wow pain has done such wonders to this girl.

I hope you enjoyed my author story. Please leave your comments and follow me on my website to enjoy great educational resources.

Contributed by author

Ayesha Marfani


Ayesha resides in Pakistan and studied at the University of Karachi. She is a storyteller who writes mostly for children, but her tales resonate with the inner child we all have. As a multilinguial writer, she hopes to get her stories published in multiple languages. Be sure to follow Ayesha at her Facebook page for all her latest updates!

If you are a writer interested in a similar guest post, drop me a line here.

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