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Today Will Never Come Again...

End Of The World

I had a chance this past weekend to speak to someone I haven't talked to in a few years. Whether subconsciously or by accident, I missed the opportunity. Later learning our paths crossed so closely and I missed that chance really gave me pause.

Was it on purpose?

Did the Fates step in and prevent the meeting?

Did I blind myself somehow?

This past week, it was rumored the end of the world was coming. It was supposed to have ended the very day I almost had the chance to speak to this estranged person.


What if that HAD been the day the world ended?

And the two of us lost our last chance to speak to each other one last time?

The world most certainly did not end and my weekend went on, as usual. Dinners, shopping, playground visits. And here I sit, working as I have been all along. Yet, I slip back to that hidden lost moment and wonder.

What if we HAD spoken?

How would things be different?

Would I have answers to soothe the pain that has settled between us these past few years? Would that moment have brought both of us some closure?

Fresh Chances

I awoke to the dew fresh on my wings and wondered if I would capitalize on today's opportunities. Or would yet more chances again slip through my fingers?

Was it worth it?

Was it time?

Would it make things better?

Had the silence settled between us because we were both afraid...for one reason or the other?

If It Were You

Today, you have a chance and you might not get it again. There might be a situation or a person out there that you haven't dealt with yet...are you missing a last chance to resolve it? They might literally be gone tomorrow.

You have a chance today to start writing a story you have been afraid to write. You have the chance to finish a story you've been afraid to publish. Today is yours to conquer.

Write it. Hit publish. Whether under a pen name or your own, do it. We need your story and we need to see the world through your eyes. We need to hear the experience through your own special voice. Nobody can tell the story like you can.

What you have gone through has not been in vain. Use it to show the world it cannot change who you are inside.

And those who have discouraged you in the past don't have to live with the regret you feel. They might not understand your passion, your calling. Don't hold it against them.

Write anyway

Don't let the dew dry on your wings another day.

You have within you all you need to fly, dear friend.

Do not be afraid to spread those beautiful wings, to open those hands full of creativity, to explore that mind full of ideas...

Today will never come again.

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