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'A Writers Life' Podcast Now On Wix!

I just wanted to pop in really quick to give a shout out to where you can find my podcast, 'A Writers Life'.

Thanks to a new WIX app, WIX Podcast Player, you can now enjoy episodes right here on the website!

Simply click over to the Podcast link on the menu and select episodes to listen to directly, or download for later.

If you have a WIX site and have been wondering if a podcast is right for you, I highly suggest you look into what is going on over at They have a lot to offer for those who need to start out with a free plan option and, if you don't have equipment to edit an audio recording, you can edit directly on their site!

For those who don't always have time to blog, or heavily edit a YouTube video, a quick audio podcast can be a streamlined way to get content to your audience consistently. Plus, with this free app, you can make it available on more than one platform. Speaking of, Messy allows for you to host your episodes in more than one place. Bonus for your audience!

Regardless of whether or not your book is on the bestseller list or not, you have a voice and you have a story - and it can make an encouraging, uplifting and unique podcast. Why not give it a try? The power of hearing your voice can really help potential readers connect with you and feel more confident in checking out your product.

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