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Yes, long awaited and long overdue, a new blog app is here. It's like a dream come true!


However, that dream soon turned sour when I got to play with it.

  1. Everything has to be in this awful font.

  2. I can't load gifs like I could in the old blog.

  3. I can't load video from my uploaded WIX gallery - only YT?!

  4. Finished posts have URL's that are REALLY short and random.

  5. When you click to read a new post, you no longer see the regular top of the website.

  6. I can't add tags for SEO purposes.

  7. I can't schedule posts - was that a horrible feature that needed to be eliminated? What the heck?!


One of the reasons why WIX is a laughingstock is the obvious holes in the blog. I'm no techie by any stretch and even I know the old blog needed work. This is a watered down HORRIBLE version of what everyone already hated. I'm so clueless as to why people who live and breathe website development ended up taking AWAY functions to think they were making this blog element BETTER??!!??!?!?!?!?!


I would suggest:

  • Letting bloggers have a choice of font - just like we used to be able to do throughout the site. If the published blog has a different font than this, which I still don't like, why is it in this strange font while I'm creating it?!

  • Let us have GIF's again like we used to

  • Update the WIX gallery - I mean, heck, you bought Deviantart!

  • Let me have some SEO function in this puppy

  • Forget member logins and such. The vast majority of users who are blogging in WIX are having tons of trouble even getting views, let along members rabid enough to care to subscribe to a blog where they have to login to read posts. Who does that? I sure don't! Why was that a super high priority function?


Look at everything WP is doing and COPY THAT. I would like to know:

HOW MANY TIMES my blog was ever read. Any way we could have some analytics up in here? ANALYTICS!!!!!!!!

H2 AND H3 SUBHEADINGS would be nice - if we're giving users WIX code, why does everything else have to be dumbed down? Can't we get a little more technically savvy please?

LET IT LOOK like I'm still in the website.

GIVE IT AN INTUITIVE URL that isn't a hundred miles long but still looks like something.

CAN I PLEASE HAVE ADDITIONAL ELEMENTS like used to be in the blog? Why did that need to be deleted too? What was so wrong with that? It's an improvement that I can no longer insert an additional blog element on another page to let readers be an easy click away?

<insert sad blurry dog face here>


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