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Adam and Me

Today, Adam we had some rather wonderful little moments. Hard to do when you are just 3 and are still learning the ways of the world. But you are making great strides in your little world and Mommy is so proud.

Granted, you were up in the night a few times and couldn't quite settle until we snuck to the fridge and had something to drink. But, after that, you slept fine.

Then, at lunch, you couldn't stop watching Spongebob so you had to eat in front of the TV. When I asked you if you wanted your applesauce, I was still in the kitchen, a few feet away. You stretched out your little hands, grunted, and plainly said, "I can't reach it."

Wow - where are you getting this? I love it!

Then, after dinner, we went out to explore our dirt pile with some toys. I grabbed a plastic handsaw from your work bench and began digging and sawing in the dirt. You quickly came over to join me and proudly explained as you walked up, "I have a screwdriver." Which you DID. I'd never mentioned a screwdriver to you!

How are all these sentences just bouncing out so effortlessly?

When we tired of the dirt pile, we sauntered to the sandbox, stopping to smell the butterfly bushes along the way. We happily flung sand everywhere and counted rocks and plastic toy treasures there together.

Then, before heading inside, we walked through the freshly cut lawn, barefoot. We kicked at the fluffy piles of grass and threw some up in the air to watch it scatter. Cool grass on such a hot summer evening! It was really wonderful to be there with you. We laughed at each other and got so silly we got grass in our mouths and just had a grand old time. And I didn't care who saw!

Later, as we climbed into bed, you insisted on 32 kisses and kept pulling my head towards your tiny little cheek until we had counted high enough. It really made my heart sing, it was so simple and easy. How I wish everyone could experience you the way I do!

I hate to tell you goodnight sometimes because you are so fun to be with. But I know, the sooner you get to bed, the sooner tomorrow comes and the adventures continue.

I want you to know that, no matter where your journey takes you, I will be right there to cheer you on and walk with you however I can. You are going to be a great man and help a lot of people with that smile. Just don't ever let me or anyone else dim that smile, that spirit. You don't ever have to worry about me - you just keep on rockin' and being yourself and the road will unfurl before you.

You know, I recorded your voice today. I just wanted to save your giggle before your voice gets any older. Your three year old laugh showers the room with such pure, happy energy. Oh, to be able to bottle it!

Goodnight, sweet Adam, I know you are already sleeping sound.

Mommy always loves you, no matter what, forever and ever.

Thank you for the kisses. Here's to 32 more tomorrow night.


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