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How To Protect Your Mobile Tech

In an age where we all have mobile technology, phones, tablets and laptops, which cost a fair amount to replace or repair, looking after such tech is an important part of modern life. To ensure that you are not constantly spending money on your mobile tech, protect it as best you can. Below are a few tips that you can use to ensure that your mobile tech works as best as it can for as long as it can, saving you money in the process.

The Right Laptop Bag

Figure where it is you want to carry the bag, over your shoulder or on your back, and then look at the type of protection your laptop needs. It’s essential that there is sufficient padding between the exterior of the bag and the laptop and that there are separate compartments for the charger and anything else you want to carry in the bag. The padding will protect the laptop from any sudden impact, but will also prevent it from shaking about in the bag as you walk and travel. Chargers, plugs, connections, USB drives and stationary can scratch and damage laptops and tablets, the separate compartments allow for you to avoid this.

Phone Covers and Protectors

It is a common occurrence to drop your phone, with Americans doing so at least 4 times a week. Thus, it's best to prepare for the worst and have a suitably robust or fashion savvy phone cover or protector that will keep your mobile device in top working order. Covers and cases can be quite expensive and as such it’s advised to shop around. Look to save and Get Promo codes and activate cash-back opportunities from the bigger suppliers. It’s worth doing the shop around as with so many products out there, so you can find the one that suits both your pocket and your style, and that fits your specific device.

Regular Cleaning

As tech gets smaller and more intricate, it's amazing as to just how much damage some dust can cause. Whether it’s scratching the surface or finding its way into the inner workings of your devices, dust is a killer for modern tech. Cleaning the dust from keyboards, touch screens, keypads and all the connective ports on your mobile devices is regarded as basic maintenance if you want these devices to last.

For your laptop you need to ensure that there is no dust or debris in the fan, as this may cause it to stop or run slower, allowing your internal components to overheat and cause damage to the tech that we so depend on. To do this, use an aerosol can with compressed air or a small but powerful vacuum cleaner.

Technology has indeed moved forward dramatically, but with these advances in computing power and device storage there have been associated increases in cost, costs that can be avoided by maintaining your current tech and making sure it’s protected. These are three simple ways that you can ensure that your mobile tech lasts as long as it should, which will go a long way to saving you or your business on tech replacement or repair costs.


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