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Sweet Spots With Dawn

Recently, I started co-hosting 'The Sweet Spot' with my friend Dawn Herring. She came up with the idea this year as a way to inspire others to celebrate their own personal 'sweet spot' in their lives. I'm so excited to share episodes with you now!

For Dawn, the idea of 'The Sweet Spot' began with her desire to honor who she was in her deepest, truest form. She realized that, when she did that, she felt most aligned with her true, authentic self. It helped her in so many other areas of life to simply honor that person and allow that person to flourish.

Not only did she want this experience for herself, however. No! She felt called to freely share the revelation with others so that they might feel safe in doing so within their own lives.

I'm excited to be a part of my friends journey into cultivating and experiencing her most true authentic self. I find her journey inspiring and helpful to me in my own path. It has been a hard year for me, as you all can attest to from your own experiences. Her drive and enthusiasm is helping me see that I am worth cultivating and experiencing as my own most authentic self!

I am finding more joy with my connection with nature. This year, I discovered more new types of insects through my photography hobby than ever before. It felt wonderful to get out and honor my interest in nature by practicing my photography skills. By doing so, I got valuable time grounding my spirit and connecting to that inner self in nature.

I have also gotten in more time just playing with my children, which not only brings immense joy, but helps me connect with their vibrant spirits. They are different in age but each show an enthusiasm for their play that is simple and sweet. Two of Dawn's main points!

Wherever you are right now, you have the opportunity to make part of this day sweet for your own self. Whether that might be taking time to cook yourself a favorite food, allowing yourself

to draw with your favorite colors or even just spending a few quiet minutes out in nature - think about what makes you feel closest to your true self. Ask yourself: 'When was the last time I really gave myself time in the day to do this?' The answer might surprise you!

By simply finding a few minutes each day to tune in to your deepest most authentic self, you will connect with an energy that can carry you through the rest of your day. It can supercharge you with excitement and joy. By allowing that true self to become a priority on your busy schedule, you show yourself love and channel a joy you might have previously thought lost.

Let me know what you think of this concept; I would love to hear from you! (long emails are one of my sweet spots!) Go to Dawn's website and let her know so that we can all share your sweet spot together. The more we hear of someone's simple sweet spot in life, the more we can all celebrate that joy together!


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