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Technical Manual Translation Services

Image by CoxinhaFotos from Pixabay

Export businesses that transfer documents to different countries while exporting their products require technical manual translation services. These documentations include user manuals, catalogs, manual translation, CAD and drawing, and other documents for technical purposes. Overseas clients require these documents to

localize the brand in their country. Therefore, it is essential to professionally translate the technical content while exporting the products. Numerous companies are available to provide manual translation services to their client. Below, you will find some benefits of a professional technical manual translation company:

Understand the Purpose

When hiring a team for technical manual translation services, ensure that they have the ability to understand the content. Technical writing requires knowledge about the industry.

Being bilingual is not enough when it comes to technical writing. A professional technical writing team should have a clear understanding of why you are writing the content, the target audience, and maintaining the

purpose of the manuals.

Support Different File Formats

Technical manual translating companies include professional translation of your files to and from different languages to English and provide files in the desired format. Most technical manuals are on MS Word. However, many exports require files with different formats, but they cannot convert and utilize them as per their requirements. Consequently, technical manual translating companies include experts who have the proficiency in operating different writing tools. They can provide a technical manual in any format you want.

Technical Terminology

Proficient technical manual translation services will provide high-quality and specialized content. With the help of capabilities, they will include correct terminology in the content. Not only that, they will utilize those terms with consistency, offering qualified manuals. They will add a glossary at the beginning

of the manual, providing an explanation according to the context. Thereby, clients and their customers can easily interpret the manuals. Every industry has specific terminology that only experts understand. Therefore, a technical translation company will bring accuracy and promote consistency in different language manuals.

Technical Drawing Translation

When you work with a professional technical translator, they will also translate your non-editable drawings. These technical manual translation services include a team of graphical designers and translators. These designers work with different tools, such as exploded views, CAD drawings, and Bills of Materials. They will extract the writings from the drawings and share them with the translators. Then,

they will then translate the text extracted from the drawings. Once they complete their part of the task, they will share the content with graphic designers. The designer will then create new versions of the drawings, including translated text.

Translation Memories

Another benefit of hiring specialized technical manual translation services is that after they are done translating, they deliver the translation through translation memory. Translation memory is a segmented database that stores the sources of the text. It explores the data center for similar content. In an easy word, this tool localizes the translated text. It analyzes the segments, paragraphs, and sentences and improves the consistency and quality of the translation.


The technical manual translation services with talented translators will maintain the flow and diversity that many writers usually eliminate while translating. Another thing that you need to make sure of while hiring technical manual translating services is that they consist of different writers for different

languages. Many small translating companies try to attract clients without proper expertise. Hiring qualified translating services will keep your manuals consistent between the shifts of language. You can consult with our team and evaluate their abilities before working along with us. We have qualified translators providing diversity while translating technical manuals, so you can surprise your clients with amazing products and well-written content.


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