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Should I write freelance? YES!

It’s been quite a year, but the flirting is over.


I got a taste through HARO and have been hooked this year on creating beneficial content that can be read across the internet. After seeing how far the Wall Street Journal story traveled, I couldn’t get it off my mind. (As I write this, Elizabeth Bernstein just gave me a #RT on that March article and I have to smile! Thanks, @EBernsteinWSJ!)

But my romance lingered, ever on my mind, much akin to a secret midnight lover.


The war raged on most of this year as I tried to push romance through doing more and more freelance. The harder I tried to market myself by not self-promoting but by providing my audience beneficial content, the more I got into freelance writing. It’s clear now I can’t go in two directions as well as I can carry my romance with me as I move in one direction.


I see lots of people do it – where their site is chock full of beneficial content including that fiction piece they published a few years back. It resonated with me to see others having a non-fiction side and a fiction side to their work. And that’s what you’ll see here on the new website.


The Early Bird Café will always be under romance, and it continues to grow even now in December, a good 18 months after it went live. (Thanks for the latest review, Penelope!) Now Lexi’s Grove won a UK contest and The Place Between Places is coming out at the end of the month for newsletter subscribers. (Sign up HERE so you don’t miss out!) It’s a great shot in the arm for me. And it’s a wink from the universe that I’m going in the right direction now. I’m sure my freelance clients will agree as well! With a new focus, I can deliver better work for them and not feel guilty about romance coming second.

You guys don’t feel guilty, do you Jim and Eve? LOL


2016 looks to be a year of studying how to sharpen my skills. I’d love to hear from you if you’re going ‘back to school’ in a sense. Have you picked up an online course? Maybe you’ve signed up for a one semester class at a local college? Even if it’s just a one hour webinar, I’d love to hear about it. The more I’m surrounding myself with those who are working hard to evolve in their passion, the more I’m inspired.

Let’s grow in 2016 and squeeze the most out of each day.


And if you think you’re not good enough for freelance; I’m just a secretary/mom with a crazy life. If I can give it a try, you can too! Come join me! I’d love to encourage your efforts!!

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