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Audible, Take Me To The Good Part!!

Listen Up!

Audible Romance is here - and it knows what you really want.

The Amazon service opened their romance platform yesterday, November 1st, and promises to deliver. Yes, not only can you get tons of amazing romance to listen to, but you can tell Audible to take you right to the good part.

Over 100 of Amazon's top selling romance writers will have titles available in Audible Romance for you to choose from. And, with the genre covering dozens of sub categories, there's bound to be something for everyone.

But skipping right to 'the good part'?

Tell Me What You Want

Let me get this straight, Mrs. A...the computer is going to start reading to me right at the sex scenes?!?!

This doesn't just mean the sex scenes, I'm happy to say. The computers at Audible have been putting algorithms to the test to come up with more than just sex to list under 'the good part'. You will be excited to find that great initial flirting and other hot moments between the main characters to be included.

Thanks, Audible, for respecting that tons of us fall in love with characters WAY before they have sex with each other. Romance is about MORE than just the act!

Finding The Perfect Audiobook

Sounds like the service will also have us covered when we don't necessarily know which title we want. They are also providing listeners with other ways to search for a great read. From the type of character you want to the type of sub-category, the back end of the site has put together micro-categories and tropes you can search by. This can put all those historical romance right at your fingertips in one click.

Love dangerous bikers? How about those professional alpha males? They let you search for your favorite characters. Obsessed with Brock Lesnar? They have set the computer to even find stories about MMA fighters!

If you have a favorite theme, they have you covered. Instead of pulling up each title individually to scan it one by one, tell Audible you love friends to lovers stories. (Think 'The Early Bird Cafe'!) And there will totally be samples to listen to first before making a final decision.

Audible Knows Best

Not only have the 'good parts' been noted by the computers, but the titles are now also going to come with a 'Steaminess' rating. The program scans for keywords in these books to help it learn how hot the book is. Forget asking your girlfriend, just let the computer tell you.

So, what do you think? Should a computer be programmed to push what it thinks to be the 'good parts' of a romance novel? Will you trust that the computer knows how steamy the book is?

Is word of mouth dead?

With the first month free, will you shell out $14.95 for a subscription to Audible Romance? Let me know in the comments.

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