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Let Your Dream Fly

I Have Never Flown In An Airplane

I have never even stepped foot inside of an airport. Anywhere. Ever.

Now, maybe I shouldn't be proud of that. Maybe I should be more ashamed that I'm too afraid to leave the ground. But today, I'm coming at you with the announcement that I've never been in a plane and don't plan to be.

I'm sharing that because I got inspired recently by Ed Mylett. He is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker from California who was recently on the Tom Bilyeu show, 'Impact Theory'.

The interview itself was quick and basic yet drew me in. The confidence coming off of this guy was on a whole other level. A level this writer really wants.

Checking out his site and social media, I found a man's man who is unabashedly going for what he wants because he is determined to #MaxOut every hour of his life.

Pretty Tall Order

As I scrolled through his Twitter, @EdMylett, I came across the image at the top of this post. It was powerful because it is something I have been challenged with lately. Some have walked out of my life and I have zero closure as to why.

That's challenging for me to say. It's straight up hard. Admitting that online where they can read it takes me way out of my comfort zone. But it's time to be real.

They gave up on me and made me feel worthless.

And I fear I will never really know the whole story as to why.

Time To Stop Obsessing

When I retweeted Ed's post, I wrote this:

Does your dream deserve to fly? Or die?

It's your dream - who's in charge of it?

You or them?

Don't let go and don't give up... You ARE enough and you CAN do this!

I thought about my upcoming novel and how hard I've been working through other life challenges in order to get this book done so it can fly. I looked at the decades I've written drafts and then hidden it. I thought about how much time has already passed when this book could have been already finished.

I have been talking myself out of this book long enough.

Have you ever done that?

Started something and then gotten cold feet and found a way to get out of finishing it? Did you stop because you thought it wasn't good enough?

Or that you were not good enough?

Did you talk yourself into letting the dream die...instead of fly?

Effects Of Talking Yourself Out Of Your Dream

Did you walk away from your dream happy you had given up? Happy to see a perfectly valid creative project just go unfinished? Unrealized?

Of course not.

Maybe giving up on it made you feel stupid. Maybe you felt you were simply manifesting what everyone was already saying about you. Maybe it kept you from 'making waves' and changing how everyone saw you. In the very least, it didn't make you feel happy - just perhaps a bit less stressed about rocking the boat and doing something others were not expecting you to do.

And that dream was still there in the back of your mind. Wasn't it?

Look at today as a fresh day when you can go to that drawer, that closet, that box...and pull out that old creative project, that old dream. Pull it out and dust it off and really look at it.

Someone or something talked you out of it before.

Don't Talk Yourself Out Of It Again

You deserve to work on this project that you are passionate about. You deserve to see it fly. Why? Why not! Because it is a tangible manifestation of your most authentic self right now. Because it is a part of you and it is worthy.

Is it perfect? Will it make you an instant millionaire?

Probably not.

Will it make some turn away because they don't understand it? Will it possibly not get all the recognition that it deserves as soon as you release it?

Yes, it very well might go that route.

Do it anyway.

Courage Is Acting Even When You're Scared

I'm going to put this next book on a flight later this year. And it's going to be worth it. I have been afraid to finish it because I lost friends before and am afraid to lose more friends if I publish something again.

That's scary to say, but it's time I said it.

I'm going to do it if for nothing else than to show myself that I feel I am worth putting my energy into creating it. Even if friends have walked away. Even if it doesn't get all glowing reviews. Even if it doesn't make me famous. I am good enough to do it. It makes me happy doing it. It is a tangible manifestation of the most authentic Carrie Aulenbacher inside of me.

And YOU are good enough to finish your dream, too.

Don't let it die.

It's time for that dream to fly!

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