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Time To Get Messy...Again!

Yes, there we are, top and trending on!

It has been a while since 'The Creative Inside Her' has had a new episode, but with a recent gift of a funky new microphone, I took it as a sign from the universe that it was time.

Previously, I had always recorded in the car during my long commutes. But with that life over and me now working from home, I find myself at the kitchen table instead of behind the wheel. But the mind is always thinking, whether I'm working here at the table or whether I'm driving. So why not just shift gears?

It's been a while because of the baby, but between his about to turn two and my own birthday marking the passage of time, I feel I'm at a new baseline now where I can start to grow again. The outside world, although it is in upheaval everywhere, contrasts sharply with the newfound calm of the inner world.

That inner world calm has called my creativity to the surface and I see that, as always, is a great place to create content that resonates with fellow creatives. Molly Beck has really created a quality place where your message has great company. I hope you will check out the other top and trending, from Bobby Frye's Project Forgiveness to Ms. Cadria Hopson with The Queen Next Door.

So let me know what the creative inside of you looks like. What does that creative love to do? What is that creative yearning to do more of? Don't ever think that the creative inside of you doesn't matter or is being silly in wanting to create. It is that spirit that carries you through each challenging day and it is that spirit that makes you wonderful. So tag me on Instagram here and I'd love to celebrate with you


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